Trip To DC

I've been going down to DC for the past 18 years to visit two of my best friends. I used to take the bus early on before there was ever the Bolt or MegaBus there was just Greyhound and Trailways (who actually own Bolt bus...). Over the years I've been able to now afford a train trip which i swear if I could I was take the train through out this country stopping in blue collar towns like Pittsburgh and documenting everything I see along the ways.

If you've ever taken a train down the eastern corridor you will notice a lot. Especially when going through Newark and Baltimore. You really see a lot of shit, a lot of broken down communities some how forgotten and tucked away from the general public view. 

It always kinda stuck to me that I can see this and any one in passing can also it but figure we're all transient beings and what the fuck am I going to do for these communities any how... I don't know this feels like a rambling and it pretty much is so I'm just going to shut up and upload the photos I took which are actually more documentations of graffiti and abandoned train cars. I tried playing around with my D300 and 50mm to get some good photos, not all that thrilled with these but there they are...